Free to Grow Band CD
A mix of Folk, Rock, Progressive, & East Coast in a Classic Rock blender
Winner of 2015 Stingray Music Rising Star Award at the 25th Annual Fredericton Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival
“They sound like no one else, look like no one else and with anywhere from eight to eleven performing members on stage at any one time, their heavily orchestrated sound stands alone among other New Brunswick acts.”
Grid City Magazine
“Cool debut from a local band that holds Pink Floyd and Jethro Tull in equally high regard.”
Polaris Music Prize Juror and music journalist Adam Bowie ranked Free To Grow’s debut album as one of the top ten New Brunswick releases in 2014.

“Reminiscent of that Brit late 60’s early 70’s folk like Fairport Convention, but still rock and in a classic sense. Influences such as David Gilmour of Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull and Stan Rogers can be heard in the music. Wonderful stuff, wonderful band.”

Jeff Liberty CBC Saint John


“I love the feel and vibe of your music. It strikes a chord with me as a writer and musician as well as a radio guy.”

Doug Barron, Associate Producer/Host at CBC Halifax

Free to Grow is:

  • -Jeff Patch – Vocals, guitars, bamboo flute, keyboards
  • -Amanda L. Moss – Vocals
  • -Joseph Bonnell – Vocals, guitars
  • -Catherine LeBlanc – Vocals
  • -Cat LeBlanc – Vocals
  • -Susan Thompson – Vocals, keyboards
  • -Mathieu Wong – Drums
  • -Larry LeBlanc – Bass

With contributions by:

Katherine Moller – ( Fiddle / violin, cello
Artwork: “Angel of Growth” by Amanda L. Moss
Photography: “Green Man” by Janet Patch

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