Free to Grow Band CD
A mix of Folk, Rock, Progressive, & East Coast in a Classic Rock blender
Winner of 2015 Stingray Music Rising Star Award at the 25th Annual Fredericton Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival

And the FTG Family Keeps Growing

Our bass player, Dick Violette, is about to lay low as per his instructions within the witness protection program. That, in combination with a busy schedule, prompted him to request that we find a new bass player that Dick could back up if required. As a result, Corey Thomas has agreed to step in and join Free To Grow.

Corey Thomas has been playing and performing for over 10 years now. Originally from Gesgapegiag, Quebec. Corey has played for a plethora of groups and styles ranging from heavy metal, blues, jazz, classical, bluegrass and everything in between. Musical influences include The Beatles, Bee Gees, Metallica, Victor Wooten, Joe Satriani, The Band, Marvin Gaye, Machine Head, Hank III, among others. Corey is excited to be involved with Free To Grow and the talent which the band displays.