Free to Grow Band CD
A mix of Folk, Rock, Progressive, & East Coast in a Classic Rock blender
Winner of 2015 Stingray Music Rising Star Award at the 25th Annual Fredericton Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival

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Free to Grow is:

  • -Jeff Patch - Vocals, guitars, bamboo flute, keyboard
  • -Amanda L. Moss - Vocals
  • -Dick Violette - Bass guitar
  • -Alex Tattersall - Drums
  • -Joseph Bonnell - Backing vocals, guitars
  • -Catherine LeBlanc - Backing vocals
  • -Susan Thompson - Backing vocals
  • -Justine Koroscil - Vocals

With contributions by:

Katherine Moller - ( Fiddle / violin, cello

Artwork: "Angel of Growth” by Amanda L. Moss Photography: “Green Man” by Janet Patch

Our thanks to all involved, to those who supported and encouraged us and a special thank you to Gilles Roger, Chris Scribner and Greg MacLean at 2 Dogs Productions.

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